Hi Dboard,

We tried this last year, but I thought it might be really nice to start clean and see if we can make this work.

I think one way in which the process of design differs (maybe not difference, exactly–more a shift of emphasis) from the creation of ‘pieces of art’ is in the simple fact that design truly tends to be a constant act of synthesis (I of course think the same thing with art, but again the emphasis with design pushes more toward collectivity and reinvention of standards than art as art tends to be a pointed towards breakaways and revolutions)–we pull together established design notions and aesthetic concepts, and we combine and reinvent them to try and create something new, something important, and hopefully something sensual.

So for that, I think blogs can be immensely useful, both to individuals and the board as a collective force.  Please post anything (links to photos, art galleries, fonts, photoshop hints, random thing you saw that is beautiful, etc.) at anytime you would like!  The more the better!

Thanks you guys!  See you at the next meeting,


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