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Hidden Logo Designs

This article was very interesting. There’s also a part two to it. Enjoy!



I like…

…cute things!



Bored in class, I went through the first few pages of dafont’s handwritten category looking for the kind of font I think the new logo should be written in.

I like how “Tuesday” looks in this one (it’s called One Trick Tony) — or at least the tone/personality it takes. It has a less artsy feel, is less effeminate, has more of an everday-general feel. I think what we should be going for is a laidback, approachable, best-friend-comfortable feeling in the font we choose. I agree with Meghan/Joe that keeping it handwritten is a plus… The thing I don’t like about this font is how controlled it looks. I’d rather a messier feel, more on-the-go, more movement.

Anyways, let me know what you think!

Tuesday logo

Milton Glaser draws

The deliberateness and forcefulness of his strokes is really striking. (In case you aren’t familiar with Glaser, he’s a famous graphic designer — he designed the I Love NY logos.)




Brushes fun.

Cover idea fun? I like minimalism.

Music fun! I think she gets annoying after a while though.

Some pretty things on an otherwise dull wednesday night.


gorgeous images 1

gorgeous LOGOS

gorgeous images-ish things


Fumi Nagasaka.  Amazing.

clean and lovely.

lastly, I love jellyfish just as much as the next guy.


Adobe joke.  This is great.

also:  (this is both an amazing song and incredibly well-done video.)